About NCS

Welcome to the official website of National Convent School, which is situated in Nagra in Dist - Ballia (UP). National Convent School has a green campus and the surrounding area is fast developing to add beauty to the campus. The management committee of the society is committed to facilitate and import quantity and high standard education to the rural and urban boys and girls...Read More

Principal's Message

Welcome to National Convent School Nagra. The aim of the school is to provide unmatched qualitative education per excellence to develop the best that is latent in children and to encourage the child to explore and revel in the joy of learning. The endeavor is to retain smiles on the

faces of the children, channelise the energies of youthfulness while sensing the beautiful connectivity among the heart, character, nation and the world.

The mind and the spirit of the child have to be awakened to look for, search and learn and whatever is new to him.